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NOISE TRAFFIC, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki [2023]

BRDCST Festival with Christina Vantzou and ensemble Ancienne Belgique, Brussels [2022]

CRAFTLAND, with Maria Spivak Anassa Resort, Paphos, Cyprus [2022]

Other Aspects of Reality phenomena, Anafi; Lemesos International Documentary Festival [2021]

it may all be over soon Center of Performing Arts MITOS; Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival; Xarkis Festival [2021]

What makes a species Limassol International Documentary Festival [2020]

SUBAERIAL: EVRY1WLCOME Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia [2019]

Phoenix, with en.act theatre Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia [2019]

Requiem Aeternam Cam As You Are, Avant-Garde Press, Nicosia [2019]

I can't explain myself, with Maria Alexandrou NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol [2019]

And remember, I will be with you always, until the end of time The Gathering IV, Honest Electronics, Nicosia [2019]

Dreaming of a white noise xmas, by Moneda Autobahn, Limassol [2019]

Salve Regina II Dishonest Rave, Honest Electronics, Nicosia [2019]

HIS DARK ELEMENTS, with Bernhard Hollinger OT301, Amsterdam [2019]

To the Woods, with Aneesha Michael Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, Nicosia [2018]

ANTHROPOS, with Hades Militia The Gathering III, Honest Electronics, Nicosia [2018]

Salve Regina I XRC Collective showcase, Nicosia [2018]

Talking Field, with Riccardo Matlakas I am NOT Tino Sehgal, Nahmad Projects, London [2016]

+ The gathering 2022

+ Subaerial 2022


What happens to me is written up there, by Maria Loizidou Eins Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus [2022]

sensing is believing, believing is seeing, by Adonis Archontides Nicosia Municipal Arts Center [2022]

From Between Her Legs SPLAYED, MeMeraki, Limassol [2022]

Farewell, My Heart; The Time Has Come to Surrender to History Regnosis Online Exhibition [2020]

Human Nature, with Jeremy Carne Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria [2019]


Machines in Lasting Motion Rialto Theatre, Limassol [upcoming]

Spirits of the Rainforest: A Photographic Innovation by Dimas Efthyvoulos The Island Club, Limassol [2021]

Magic Myxies and Other Films by F. Percy Smith Rialto Theatre, Limassol [2021]

Spirits of the Rainforest Lemesos International Documentary Festival [2021]


Mine, with RAW SILVER Bestial celestial mechanics (compilation), XRC Foundation [2022]

Elevate Me Safety Veil (compilation), Honest Electronics [2021]

You Are, with RAW SILVER Dishonest Sampler (compilation), Dishonest [2021]



The Nether Phytorio Association, Nicosia [2020]

Abelard & Heloise ETHAL, Limassol; Theatro Dentro, Nicosia [2020]

Eleni, SRSLY Yours theatre ensemble Synergeio, Limassol [2019]


Air Frosterus, Kärsämäki, Finland [2023]

it may all be over soon Center of Performing Arts MITOS – theYard.Residency.21

The Labyrinth, with Dimitrios Michailidis Center of Performing Arts MITOS, Limassol – theYard.Residency.19 

One-Day Express Lab Dance House Lemesos [2018]


ALYSIDEZ Barking Cats Radio, Nicosia, Cyprus [2022–2023]

Tsushima Haikus, with Adonis Archontides [music for video]

Museum for the Future, Enschede, Netherlands

Het Nieuwe Institutt, Amsterdam

The Fields of Algorithms, curated by David Blandy for The One Minutes Foundation

I Zoi en Tafo [sound piece for audio series]

Waves & Rituals, Mother Tongues, London

Going Places, with Marianna Michael [music for video]

Center of Performing Arts MITOS


Ethics and the Problem of Other Minds [contribution to exhibition catalogue]Koraï Project Space exhibition catalogue, Nicosia [2019]

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